Saturday, September 3, 2011

Facebook friends request block bypass

Most of us beachbody coaches use facebook on a daily basis to connect with others, however when you are extending your circle, facebook might block you from adding new people for a certain period of time. Facebook claims doing that to prevent misuse of its service, but the good news is you don't really have to wait for days to be able to add new contacts, all you have to do is clean all your old pending friends requests, for that you will have to install an app, one i use can be installed at once installed you can cancel any old pending friends request, and you are ready to go! If for some reason facebook is still blocking you, you can do another trick which is to point your browser to the facebook mobile version, their mobile platform doesnt seem to have the same protection mechanism, for that navigate your browser to and your back in business =)


This is BS, I went to the FB mobile web site and I am still bocked.

Don't be an idiot, this was published in 2011.

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